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North American Medical Students' Association


Electives Night

Come and hear from your fellow students about their elective experiences, plan your electives and ask your burning questions.

Exams Night

Learn more about the Medical College of Canada and USMLE Exams, what past successful students recommend to achieve the best on these exams. In addition, educational seminars geared towards the USMLE and MCC exams will be planned throughout the year.

Residency Night

After your medical degree, residency in North America may be an option, we want to help educate you about the process in applying for this. In addition you will hear from past NAMSA students who have been successful in securing a residency position.

Internship/Alumni Night

Hear your University of Sydney Alumni who have continued their training in Australia as an intern, and their suggestions on how to be a successful intern


We are a group of North American medical students at The University of Sydney
with the mission of helping to provide resources and other information
to help our fellows succeed in their pathway to North America and/or continue their medical training in Australia!
Get involved; attend our events;
stay in touch and give back.
Get amongst it!





President | Med III–IV | Hamilton, Bermuda–Toronto, ON


VP | Med II–III | Toronto, ON


Treasurer | Med IV | Canada


Secretary | Med II–III | Canada


Education Officer | Med II–III | Canada


Examinations Night Officer | Med II–III | Vancouver, BC
Bachelor of Science (Biology) from Queen’s University, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Radiation Therapy) from BCIT, Worked 4 years in Radiation Therapy at BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver, BC | Love traveling, movie buff, Patriots and Canucks fan


Alumni and Alumnae Night Officer | Med II–III | Vancouver, BC


Electives Night Officer | Med III–IV | Toronto, ON


Residency Night Officer | Med II–III | Canada


Communications/Public Relations Officer | Med II–III | Toronto, ON and Boston, MA
BA in Biochemistry from Wellesley College, HIV research at Boston University, Cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital | Interested in Plastic surgery, Surgical oncology, or Oncoplastic surgery


IT Officer ’17–’18 | Med IV | Sydney, NSW; IoNA; the States
Possibly good for perspectives of the ‘Lucky Country’. Sometimes, tunes into the hockey and baseball, runs and swims and traipses around town looking for good tea and crumpets.




President ’16–’17 | Med IV | Vancouver, BC
Bachelors of Science at UBC in General Science. Thank you for visiting our page, I’m looking forward to meeting all those who get involved with our events. Our team is here to provide mentorship, advice, and support in any way we can. Other interests than medicine of mine are music production, DJing and playing tennis, I hope to see you all soon.


VP ’16–’17 | Hamilton, Bermuda–Toronto, ON
3M. B.S. (Mol. Genetics + Devel. Bio.; mn. Biotech) @ McGill, M.Sc. by Res. (CV Biochem.) @ McGill; interests: Medicine, little things carrying Triglycerides & Cholesterol, Photography, Table Tennis, Science of all kinds, Squash, Chess.


Treasurer ’16–’17 | Canada


Residency Officer ’16–’17 | Med IV | Canada
Hi everyone! My name is Darshi and I’m probably the only Canadian at USyd that’s from Calgary rather than Vancouver or Toronto. I’m in my final year now and am in NYC rotating through Pulmonary at the moment! I’m part of NAMSA because it was amazing to have such supportive seniors throughout my time in medical school and there was never a shortage of people that I could talk to if I had any questions. I want to be able to keep that tradition alive and help out however I can!


Electives Officer ’16–’17 | Med IV | Vancouver, BC
Canadian from Vancouver who did his undergrad at UBC in Political Science before becoming interested in medicine and returning to university. When not at the library he loves exploring NSW and riding his motorcycle. He is spending the start of this year doing electives at McMaster, UBC and uToronto and is excited to share what he has learned at this year’s Electives Night. He has also written the STEP1 and MCCEE exams and would love to hear from anyone looking for any tips of the exams.


IT Officer ’16–’17


Education Officer ’16–’17 | Toronto, ON
Hello. My name is Pravin and I’m the Education Representative for NAMSA. I’m interested in the North American pathway back and recently wrote the USMLE. In my spare time I like travelling and learning languages.


Examinations Officer ’16–’17 | Canada
Hi, I’m Simon and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I have a background in engineering but decided to do a 180 degree career change; it was quite difficult but I learned a lot along the way. I’ve loved my time in Sydney so far, but given that my family’s back home, my goal is eventually to move back to North America. Juggling med school while trying to worry about going back to N.A. is definitely daunting. Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll try to answer!


Secretary ’16–’17 | Canada
Undergrad: University of Waterloo (BSc.), Ontario Pretty major into the Blue Jays and all things hockey, The Weeknd and the veg life. I have always spent much of my time in Canada outdoors and it has translated into my life in Australia, where I always look keep a look out for hikes and climbing trips. I’m up for a chat on anything – from the epicness of Letterkenny to the best hikes in the Blue Mountains and of course the med life in Australia.


Alumni and Alumnae Officer ’16–’17 | Canada

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