Education Night 2017

Education Night 2017 is coming up soon, with NAMSA Vice-President Steven Campbell and NAMSA Education Officer Pravin Thomas organizing this informative session, with pizza and drinks per usual.

Get keen and go!


  • NAMSA Education Night 2017
    • Thursday, 27 July 2017 at 6 pm, with pizza and drinks from 5:30 pm
    • Kerry Packer Education Center, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown 2050
    • “Thinking of working in North America? Like doing well on exams so you can start your career on the right foot?
      “NAMSA presents its annual ‘Education Night’. Come learn about the exams needed for training in North America, including the famous USMLEs, MCCEE, MCCQEs and some of the new changes!
      “How to prepare, what the exams are about, what scores to shoot for, and additional information you’ll want to know about the entrance exams.
      “We’ll also be chatting about preparation for the USMLE.
      “Certainly a ‘can’t-miss’ for those who want to start prepping for some of the most important exams of medical training.
      “If you have any questions for this event please direct them to Pravin Thomas or Aryan Fx, see you there!”