Welcome, NAMSA Executive 2017–18

On 4 September 2017 at 5:30 pm–7:30 pm, NAMSA held its annual Residency Night and its AGM, which involved the election of its new officers for 2017–2018.

Thanks to all who expressed an interest in a position. Congratulations and best of luck to those that have gained positions; may you ensure that NAMSA goes from strength to strength and serve fellow NAMSA members well, in all ways. Better luck to those who did not gain a position this time around; you can still contribute to the association and most definitely get involved in NAMSA social and academic events and this family away from family!

The following positions have been filled by the following people:

  • President: Steven Campbell
  • Vice-President: Kevin Hong
  • Treasurer: Jordan Bowman
  • Secretary: Donna Ngo
  • Education Officer: Dhwani Dhaduk
  • Examinations Night Officer: Stephen Yang
  • Alumni and Alumnae Night Officer: Caylee–Britt Goshko
  • Electives Night Officer: Pravin Thomas
  • Residency Night Officer: Lindsay MacLean
  • Communications/Public Relations Officer: Jack Shen
  • IT Officer: Bernard

Thank you, Aryan and the rest of the team (Steven, Jordan, Pavani, Pravin, Simon, Pujita, James, Darshi and Bernard) for 2016–17 for a good year.